Misiones 酒莊多年前在 Rengo 打下堅實的根基,全名是 “Misiones de Rengo”。酒莊的所在地曾經是西班牙神父們講道與傳福音的起源地,並且在 1730 年興建了一座教堂。在豐富的歷史背景意義深處裡所醞藏的文化遺產,主導了當地的特有的風格。Misiones de Rengo 深信永恆的大地是為神所賜,應該抱持著真誠的態度,珍惜所有特質,釀製葡萄酒則是一個神聖的使命,應該將經年累月所累積下的智慧與宗教教義,挹注在葡萄酒瓶中。

Misiones de Rengo” sinks its roots deep in Chile’s Rapel Valley, in the same place the Spanish called “Villa Deseada” (Yearned for Village) , the coveted rest-place for the travelers, was renamed in 1831 as Rengo, in homage of a courageous native chieftain. It was in this place that patriot soldiers knew the significance of Independence and shed their blood to obtain it.

There, where the magnificent Claro River was born to anoint the region with its generous mineral waters and to cross the Andes Mountain ranges; where the sanctity, the dogma and the faith, are nestled and nurtured, from a land generous to the grapevine. It’s because of this that “Misiones de Rengo” tells us of a place where character, spirit and passion are present in all its crops, where the particular mix of urban and rural, of noble land and Mediterranean weather, of warm sun and fresh water make it a gifted place to develop the best quality. ”Misiones de Rengo” owns its origin the sobriety and faith to bottle history and wisdom.